How to Create a Feng Shui HomeDo you want to create a Feng Shui presence in your home? It’s not that difficult, and it offers lots of great benefits including a wonderful energy in the house. If you are planning on selling your home in the next few years, keep in mind that Feng Shui additions also have the potential of adding value to your property. It’s a win-win for anyone for owns their home!

If you’ve never heard of Feng Shui, here is some information to get you started:

What exactly is Feng Shui?

Basically, Feng Shui is the practice of balancing energies in order to create harmony and rid a space of negative energy. Originating in China, Feng Shui involves the placement of certain elements in order to create a positive and enlightening energy for you, your family, and anyone that walks into your home. Feng Shui is extremely desirable for homeowners who want to make their space more appealing and inviting to prospective buyers.

Feng Shui is all about energy, and the following tips can help you create a gorgeous Feng Shui home:

Create a smooth and strong energy flow to the front door. Feng Shui doesn’t begin in your home; it starts outside leading up to the front door. Things such as big trees and overgrown bushes can block the energy that you want to create. Your door should be Feng Shui as well, and you can achieve this with paint and hardware. Keep the pathway visible, and create an inviting front door space with flowers and plants.

Maintain Feng Shui energy in the main centers of the house. These centers are the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Good Feng Shui energy thrives in a home where all three of these centers have a Feng Shui foundation.

Create a balance of color. A balance of colors is essential in creating Feng Shui energy in your home. Color can alter mood greatly, so it’s best to find a balance that works for your home.

Make use of scent. Pleasant scents can set the stage for a tranquil and calming environment. Incense, candles, and oils in lovely scents such as lavender, jasmine, or apple cinnamon can invoke peaceful feelings for you and your guests.

Keep the energy fresh and in constant flow. Feng Shui energy should be free-flowing and clear, so you must keep the energy fresh. Get rid of clutter in your home, and make sure there is plenty of fresh air and natural light flowing through.

If you want to create wonderful Feng Shui in your home, don’t get overwhelmed! Begin by practicing Feng Shui in the form of going at your own pace. Relax and trust your instincts!