Top Home Design Trends for 2014Homeowners and home buyers who want to keep up on the latest home design trends will see many great new trends this year. Those who want the home of their dreams desire styles that reflect their affluent tastes. They also want nothing but the best in quality when it comes to designing their homes. The top home design trends will also add incredible home value.

It’s a fact that trends in home design usually move pretty slowly. This year, you’ll see some trends that have been coming together in the last few years. Technology and other details have made some of these features and trends even better. Whether you have recently purchased your home and want to add trendy design features or you have owned your home for a long time and want to revamp, check out these top home design trends for 2014:

Open kitchens

More and more homeowners are embracing the idea of open kitchens. These spacious areas maximize gatherings with family and friends over dinners and get-togethers.  Open kitchens are also extremely desirable for those who relax in their kitchen while they cook fabulous meals. And, more and more appliance designers are focusing on blending appliances into the kitchen and family rooms, making the concept of open kitchens a reality.


More than ever, people are making sustainable eating a huge priority in their lives. What better way to accomplish this than by growing your own fruits, veggies, and spices? Gardens are also desirable for homeowners who love to grow their own flowers and plants for both beauty and health.

Deco colors                       

Muted shades and deco-inspired colors will be all the rage this year. From raisin and amethyst to quartz and topaz, paint and accent colors will lean towards shades that are neutral and look as if they are filtered through smoke and sunlight. Bold pops of color will continue to make appearances in the form of lighting and pillow accents.

Energy-efficient features

Though not necessarily a new trend, energy-efficient features are trendier than ever. Homeowners and buyers still desire energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen as well the bathrooms. Look for a continued trend in touchless faucets, high-efficiency shower heads, and energy-efficient toilets and dishwashers.

By keeping up with the latest top home design trends, you can add value and style to your home. A professional home designer can help you if you need assistance with your home design desires!