Tips on Remodeling Your KitchenIn any home, the kitchen is the hub of all activity and if it is well-designed, it can be a source of great pride. Needless to say, homeowners spend a lot of money on remodeling their kitchen. If properly implemented, a kitchen remodel will return much of its initial cost when the owner decides to sell the home sometime later. Follow these simple strategies to successfully remodel your kitchen while maximizing your ROI:

Take enough time to plan

If you approach the remodeling with ample planning, you can minimize the time needed to complete it. Since a kitchen remodeling can cause a great deal of inconvenience, planning is very important. Proper planning will also help you cut costs and stay on budget. What’s more, if you have spent enough time on planning, you are unlikely to feel the temptation to alter your decisions during construction.

Study your kitchen

Take measurements of doorways, counters, walkways etc. If you don’t have the measurements, you might end up committing mistakes like buying an extra-large fridge that can’t get through the doorway into the kitchen.

Before you start working on the remodel, decide what materials and fixtures you will be using. Seek the help of a professional designer. Of course, they will charge a fee but they have years of experience behind them.

Think twice before making big changes

Don’t alter the location of electrical outlets and plumbing pipes. Also think twice about knocking down the walls. Changing the position of your appliances, walls, and sinks will not only escalate the cost, but also lead to problems later.

Don’t get carried away

Try not to spend a lot on fancy cook tops and other kitchen appliances. Remember that the purpose of remodeling is to improve the functionality and design of your kitchen. So, unless you spend your entire day cooking, concentrate on items such as flooring and cabinets. They add value.

While buying kitchen appliances, think about their utility. Choose items manufactured by trusted brands. They may have some resale value.

Kitchen lighting

Install task lighting over food preparation areas to remove shadows. Proper lighting can make your kitchen look brighter and larger. Lighting also allows you to work more safely and efficiently. Ideally, you should have 2 kinds of lighting in the kitchen.

Cabinets create dark work areas, so you must install under-cabinet lighting. Install at least 2 fixtures per work area. It will remove shadows.  Recessed lights work really well over the sinks. Ambient lighting is equally important. You can install flush-mounted ceiling fixtures and track lights.

While remodeling your kitchen, your top concerns should be increasing functionality and durability. Choose products that come with extra- long warranty periods and require low maintenance.

Increase storage space

Increase available storage space by installing small shelves on areas that are hardly used.  Kitchen cabinets should ideally reach the ceiling. You will perhaps need a stepladder to reach their top portion; still they create valuable storage space. Small shelving units can be mounted inside cabinet doors. You can also attach hooks to the back side of closet doors where you can hang mops, brooms, and aprons etc.

Communicate with your contractor

Communicate with the contractor on a regular basis and establish a nice rapport with them. Visit the site during work hours. This clearly conveys that you are committed to quality. Offer refreshments to the workers and praise them for their hard work.

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