NEW KITCHEN 2If you are planning to sell your home, you will probably want to spend some money on remodeling. Even if you aren’t selling your home, remodeling will maximize your enjoyment of your indoor living space. While undertaking a home improvement project, make sure that you do not make any additions that will not put off potential buyers.

So, what are the most recent trends in home improvement? Here is a quick overview:

Energy efficiency is perhaps the most popular trend in home improvement. It helps reduce energy costs. In addition, just knowing that your home is eco-friendly can make you feel good.

Any new additions to your home should require less maintenance. The demand for monster homes is steadily decreasing. Now most people are interested in small homes that make best use of the available space and technology.

Exteriors that do not require any maintenance

These days fiber cement siding is the most popular material used to cover the exterior of homes. Although it might look like wood, it is made of sand, cement and cellulosic fibers. It resists termites and other insects. Better still, it won’t rot.

Fiber cement siding is relatively more expensive than vinyl, paint-grade wood and aluminum siding. However, it will return up to 80 percent of the investment.

Fiber cement siding does not require much maintenance. Each spring you will have to do a bit of cleaning and caulking. That’s all. While you will have to repaint your wooden exteriors every four to seven years, if you have fiber cement siding, you can forget about repainting for at least seven years after installing it.

Laundry room

Two or three decades ago, the laundry room was in the basement. But now many owners prefer to have laundry rooms upstairs. If you have got sufficient space, you should definitely consider adding a laundry room.

Larger kitchens

Homes may be getting smaller but kitchens are definitely getting bigger. If you are planning to get a kitchen remodel, try to incorporate large pantries, recycling centers and recharging stations. You should also consider incorporating a dining room.

The super-sized expensive commercial kitchen appliances are slowly getting replaced by mid-range models. Prep space is equally important. You should also invest in cabinet organizers.

Smart storage solutions

It is true that people now accumulate less stuff, but they are still looking for smart storage solutions. And when it comes to storage, built-in solutions are more popular because they can take advantage of unused space.

Energy savings

Energy savings have two benefits. They make our homes eco friendly. They also help us save money. When you remodel your home, make sure that all those new fittings and fixtures are energy efficient. You should also consider installing energy monitors. Besides helping you monitor your energy consumption, they also appeal to potential buyers.

Home offices

The number of people who works from their homes is steadily increasing. Companies also promote this trend because it helps them cut costs. Many people now use their basements and spare bedrooms as home offices. As a result, family rooms are doubling up as working spaces. If you are remodeling your home, try to add a home office.