Everything You Need To Know About Home Security SystemsThinking about getting a home security system for your house? You’ve made the right choice. Let us answer some of your common questions about security systems:

Why you should install a home security system

A home security system will keep intruders away. According to the FBI, every 60 seconds four homes are burgled in the US. And each break-in costs homeowners an average of 1,900 USD.

Home security systems are an effective deterrent. When an intruder sees the signals that your home is armed with a security system, they will think twice before attempting to break in.

Things to do before installing the system

Before you contact a professional installer, you should check the condition of your doors and windows. If you have to upgrade them, do it before installing the security equipment. Identify the areas where your home is the most vulnerable and take the right measures to fix the problem.

Security system basics

Most home security systems have a keypad that communicates with the motion detectors and contact sensors attached to your windows and doors. The control panel is usually installed somewhere in the attic.

When an intruder tries to get in by breaking a window or a door, the sensors attached to them will send signals to your control panel. When the control panel receives the signal, it will use your telephone line to call the security personnel at a monitoring station. Staffers will immediately call your residential phone number and ask for a password. If they receive a wrong password or if there is no response, they will immediately notify the local law enforcement.

Cost of the equipment

The equipment can cost anything between $250 and $700. You can choose a local company or a national firm for installing and monitoring the system. However, choosing a local installer with at least ten years of experience is usually better.

The company that installs your security system will charge $35 – $75 a month to monitor your home 24 hours a day seven days a week. On the plus side, you will get up to 20% off on your annual insurance premium when you install a security system. Add up these savings and it is easy to see that a security system will easily pay for itself in just 3 years.

Wired or wireless?

An experienced installer will take up to three hours to install the system. Retrofitting an old home may take longer. A wireless system may be a good idea if you do not have a hard-wired telephone line. When you go wireless, every component of your security system will have its own battery. This battery will provide the sensor enough power to communicate with the remote cellular network.


You can add extra sensors or detectors to get additional security. While extras are great, they will increase the cost of your system.

What to do after installing the system

After installing the system you should learn how to use it properly. If you do not know how to use the system, you will probably set off a false alarm. This might invite a penalty.

Contact your insurance company and let them know that you have installed a home security system. This will make you eligible for discounted premiums. Install signs in your yard and let the whole world know that you have got a brand new security system. This will discourage most intruders from trying their luck.