Make the Most of Your Unused FireplaceDo you have a fireplace that you don’t use? Perhaps you own a toasty apartment or cozy condo and you simply don’t want to build a fire when it’s cold. We’ve known plenty of homeowners and renters alike who have never used their fireplaces, so it’s not uncommon. Or, maybe your fireplace just doesn’t work and you don’t want to bother with it! Whatever the reason for your unused fireplace, it doesn’t mean that you have to let your fireplace and hearth look forlorn and bare.  You can use the space creatively and make it look interesting even during the warm months.

Here are some cool ideas for enhancing your fireplace area:

Create a fragrant ambience

Creating a scented fireplace using assorted candles is a great and economical way to improve a room’s ambience. Use scented candles of various colors, sizes and shapes inside the fireplace to give a unique decorative look to an otherwise empty space.

Decorate using plants

Bring the outdoors into your home. Some of the plants which used to decorate the exterior of your home previously can be brought in to add a splash of greenery and other colors. You can place them on the hearth and if the location permits, all around the fireplace.

Colorful foliage will give a fresh new look to your home. If you have plenty of natural sunlight coming in, it’s great. You can use natural flowers in that case. If not, you can use various other pretty floral options made from silk or plastic.

Design a miniature art gallery

Art enthusiasts will really love this. You can use your unused fireplace to create a small art gallery. You can showcase your best pictures or some small pieces of artwork in this. Your fireplace becomes a part of the décor and an important part of an art collection.

As soon as winter sets in and you don’t need the fireplace, clean out the hearth. Then cover the firebox base with white marble beads, white pebbles or clear glass beads. If you want a dash of color, throw in some colored beads too. Once you have a perfect base, you can strategically place your favorite pictures or other small pieces of artwork on this.

Create an exclusive display area

You can also use the fireplace to display a few of your prized collectibles such as crystal vases and memorabilia. You can place some of them outside the firebox and some inside to create a one-of-a-kind vignette.

Feel free to experiment with your designing skills using different combinations of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Create a private meditation space

If meditation is a part of your lifestyle and your fireplace surroundings permit, you can create a peaceful meditation area in the summer months.

Place an image or object that you use for meditation at a little height in the fireplace. Surround it with flowers, candles and some colored glass beads. To complete the effect, place a mirror at the back. On the hearth, place some pillows and other meditation accessories. Adding small flowers or plants will add to the ambience.