How to Keep Your Housekeeping ResolutionsJanuary is that time of the year when we make all sorts of resolutions. Some of us want to get fit, lose that stubborn body fat and develop a positive attitude towards life. Some of us want to simplify our lives and become spiritual. And some others want to earn a lot of money. As you can see, New Year resolutions come in all sizes and shapes.

Very few people actually manage to keep those resolutions. And that inability to keep resolutions can lead us to despair. But it doesn’t have to. By setting realistic and achievable goals, we can make several positive changes to our lives.

Simple and positive steps can add up and produce surprising results before you even realize it. You may be naturally organized, but there is still some scope for improvement.

Here the key is knowing when and where to start. Here are some suggestions:

Try something different. What if this year we tried something different? The number one mistake that most of us commit is that we only make grand and impossible resolutions. For a change, let’s make some simple resolutions this year and let’s start slowly.

To start with, work really hard for a week or so and get everything in order, and then keep it that way forever.  Remember that many impossible situations become possible when we make a string of simple changes.

Remember that you are not the only person who breaks resolutions. All of us do it whether we like to admit or not. On the bright side, most of us only need a little nudge and we are on your way.

Don’t make comparisons and accept the reality. To start with, don’t compare yourself or your house to others or their houses. It is tempting to do so, but it doesn’t really help. What you need to do is to figure out your ‘fitness’ level. It helps you face reality. Accept reality. Don’t bemoan it and work with the objective of becoming stronger and then proceed to the next level. This applies to all kinds of fitness – emotional, physical, relational, and organizational.

Start small, and don’t try to get everything done at once. You will only fail. Instead, target a particular muscle group if you are planning to lose weight. Target a particular area of your home if you are planning to de-clutter your space. Your entire life might need a makeover, but don’t think about it right now. Start small and slowly. Identify your particularly weak areas and start working on them. For example, if you are trying to organize your house, you have to start from one room and then proceed to the next. You can’t start with the entire house.

Choose a small activity that you can do every day and then simply do it. It is that simple. Look around your house. Start with the visible mess. Do you feel that the counters are cluttered? In that case, you should remove as many items as possible. Keep the counters clear and wipe them clean every night before you go to bed. Make that a commitment. Before you even realize it, it will become a habit and then you can move to the next. You will be amazed at how effortlessly you manage to achieve it. And then you will reach a point where you can’t help doing it. That’s when things get really interesting.

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