DCF 1.0Are you looking for innovative ways to de-clutter your garage? Well, organizing your garage is easy if you have a little imagination and a few hours to spare. Each of these garage storage solutions costs less than $50.

Round up Wheels

With a simple rope-and-pulley arrangement, you can hoist bicycles to rafters and lock them safely. When you want to ride, you just need to release the locks and lower the bicycle to the floor. You can secure the pulleys to your ceiling joists and then thread the ropes with some basic tools. The whole process will take less than two hours.

Specially designed wall racks allow children to hang their skateboards and helmets together. These racks won’t cost more than $40 and you won’t take more than half an hour to secure them to wall joists.

If you don’t ride frequently, you will probably want to keep your bikes and scooters out of the way. Buy a pair of tool hooks and install them on a length of 1-by-6 inch wooden board. You will require only an hour to fasten the wooden board to wall joists.

Organize your Sporting Goods

In you are into outdoor activities like tennis, football, or golf; you probably already have a large collection of balls, rackets, gloves, and clubs lying around in your garage. You can keep them all together in a simple rack armed with hangers. Or you can attach balls claws to the wall.

The steel ski rack can safely store 2 pairs of skis, boots, and poles. Secure this rack to your wall studs so that it can easily hold the weight. In case you can’t position the rack on wall studs, you should consider using wall anchors.

As for the fishing rods, you can suspend 2 wire shelves from the ceiling of your garage. Each shelf should be about five feet apart. The next step is to thread the rods through their openings. A vinyl coated 4 foot-by-16 inch wire shelf costs less than $9. Saw this shelf in half crosswise and you will get two shelves of half the size.

Tidy your tools

You can organize your tools with some imagination. Bungee cords and wrenches can be hung using a simple tie-and-belt rack. Screw a magnetized rail to your wall studs. Your metals tools will cling to it.

You can cushion and protect your tools by padding the lines of your toolbox with a soft liner. The unique design of this liner will not only keep moisture away but also prevent your things from rolling around.

Use electrical junction boxes to store your tape measures, pencils, and box cutters.

Organize your garden gear

You need quite a few tools to keep your garden look lush and tidy. Organize your landscaping and garden tools with these novel solutions.

You can change an old wooden cabinet into a great garage storage unit. You should be able to find one at the garage sale.

You can use long steel rails mounted high on the garage wall for holding heavy tools, ladders, and long-handled equipment. You just need to arrange a number of pegs and hooks on the rail for hanging big tools.

A wooden pallet secured to wall studs creates enough room for holding garden tools with long handles. Use a can rack to keep bottles of lubricants, insect repellants, and fertilizers upright.

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