Add Value to Your Home InexpensivelyYour home is looking slightly shabby and you want to spruce it up. Maybe you’ve just refinanced and you want to add more value to your home. Home renovations cost a bomb and you’re scared to get started. You can inexpensively spiff up your home for a lot less than you think! We’ve got some strategies for you. Smart spending can boost the value of your home in a big way.

The kitchen is important

A kitchen is considered as the heart of a home. Prospective buyers head to this room first when they’re touring a home. So you need to ensure your kitchen looks neat and reasonably modern.

For a couple of hundred dollars, you can add new cabinet handles, replace the faucet set, and update ancient lighting fixtures with better and brighter ones. Even a fresh coat of paint can make cabinets look new.

Make appliances appear coordinated

Give your kitchen appliances a facelift. If they don’t match, order a new face panel or door as required. A mix-and-match kitchen doesn’t go down too well with everyone. So it’s not a very great idea to have a white dishwasher, wall oven, and microwave mixed with other stainless steel pieces with black trim.

A cohesive-looking kitchen makes a great impression on a buyer’s mind and affects the sale price of a home in a big way.

Improve bathrooms

After the kitchen, it’s important to update your bathrooms. Simple things like the addition of a brand new toilet seat or a pedestal sink make a huge difference in the appearance of a bathroom.

Discolored bathroom floor can be replaced with vinyl tiles or a vinyl sheet. You need not even remove the old flooring; simply install the new flooring over the old one.

If the tub and shower look dingy, replacing chipped tiles and re-grouting is a good idea. You could also use a prefabricated shower and tub surround for a cover up. These units require to be professionally installed but can work out cheaper than getting walls retiled and bathtubs replaced.

Increase storage space

Old houses typically lack closet space. If your storage areas are cramped, it’s a good idea to add do-it-yourself laminate and wire closet systems to pantries, bedrooms, and entry closets.

Some companies provide the facility of measuring and redesigning closets online. Design details and other parts are available at home improvement stores. You can update most closets within a couple of days.

So you have more functional closets if you’re using them yourself and your home looks better customized to prospective buyers.

Create a new room

You may have a den that could be considered a bedroom if it had a closet. So you need to simply add a closet to it and your three bedroom house now becomes a four bedroom one.  This certainly adds a great deal of value to your home without spending too much.

Spread the light

If your living and dining rooms have boring lights within recesses, getting an attractive chandelier can give a totally new look. You’ll get a varied range of pretty-looking, inexpensive, ceiling fixtures at any home store.  Brighter lights make your home appear more cheerful and spacious.

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